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2024 JCI USA

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Why attend?

Evolve your leadership skills and community

Your leadership journey doesn't have to be a solo adventure. Dive into a dynamic fusion of global camaraderie, sustainable explorations, impactful community initiatives, and lifelong friendships at the JCI USA Spring Convention. Embark on your personal leadership odyssey with others in the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii!


Hands-on and Minds-on for Sustainable Leadership

Want to make a real impact on our planet? Get your hands dirty (figuratively and literally) in our interactive sustainability activities. From interactive workshops to thought-provoking discussions on eco-conscious leadership and entrepreneurship, you'll leave with the tools to champion environmental change in your community.

Unite, Collaborate, Elevate: Global connections await

In our interconnected world, collaboration knows no bounds. Discover the magic of international cooperation as you interact with young leaders from across the globe. Swap stories, ideas, and cultural experiences that will broaden your horizons and help you become a leader with a global perspective.


"As much as it is possible, every Jaycee should attend convention, because the networking, workshops, and celebrations are the pinnacle JCI experience, reminding us that we're part of a larger mission that impacts our country and even the world."

Alena Grace Kangas Auyoung
2022 Annual Meeting Attendee 

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